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In order to keep a constant look of our Wikia articles, The Administrators(Hereinafter) referred to as "admins" have set up a basic article structure to ensure each and every article has the same makeup, look/style, and accuracy. The admins have also provided basic contact information to contact them if any questions happen to be needed to be answered.

How To Set Up Your Artice:

Required Heading(s):

When you first access the blank document, you MUST add the following headings:

  1. Background Information
  2. Description Of Person, Place or Thing
  3. External Links(Only Required For Articles Created After August 22, 2018) or if the user/author wants to.
  4. References

Any additional headings are optional.

Required Sources:

In order to have an approved article, please be sure to include the following resources:

  1. References that are not created nor endorsed by oneself, a business affiliated with oneself,
  2. a made-up thing created by oneself or oneself's friends/family.
  3. References that are neither a social media site, self created project, blog, etc.
  4. References that have come from a news site, book, Wikipedia page, newspaper, government document, etc.

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling:

When creating an article, please be sure to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you write an article on our Wikia, you MUST use the English Language. If you do not know English, please do not contribute to our Wikia. If you are from a different country other than the United States and/or United Kingdom and would like to contribute and know a little English, be sure to ask for assistance with editing.


Categories are a required source on our Wikia. We use categories to easily display, verify and deliver a personalized experience for any Fandom user. Categories can be created if you feel like it is absolutely necessary. For example; if you post a news like article, you should add a 'News', 'News Article', and/or 'Non-Wiki' category. This will ensure that your article does not get deleted.


When you create an article, be sure to add your signature to ensure that you get proper credit for a piece of text or section. Niagara County Central School District Wikia guidelines prevent someone from adding/removing a signature from an article contribution that does not belong to them. If this happens, be sure to report it, and that person will be banned, from our community for falsifying ownership of a specific piece of text/document/article. View our User Terms Of Use.

External Websites:

When you are ready to publish you article or update, be sure to list external websites that can help support your article. Doing this will ensure that your article will remain from being deleted or suspended. View our Article Management Page.

Thank You for reading the Niagara County Central School District Wikia's article structure. We provide additional resources on our Community Forums page.

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