What Is An Expansion Funding Plan

Expansion Funding Plan is a funding plan that enables a school district to expand upon current district ideas, buildings, security, pavement, repair work, and other key factors that enable the safety of students, staff and parents. These plans are approved by New York State and normally a district will have reserved funding granted if a project betters the district's ability to educate students, provide safe and secure schools, promotes life long friendships, etc.

How Does A Business/School Receive An Expansion Funding Plan

To obtain an Expansion Funding Plan, a district must apply for a E.F.P(Expansion Funding Plan) allocation form and must provide the State with acceptable reasons/proof for requesting the additional funding.

How Does The Expansion Funding Plan Affect School Taxes

Due to the fact the this plan is provided through the State, school taxes will remain the same. State and Federal taxes will increase.

General Information About How The Niagara County Central School District Will Use This Funding Plan

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