Background Information

Frank Derrylson is a world renown businessperson who owns Derrylson And Company, Derrylson Construction Company(Formerly) and the Niagara County Central School District

Frank Derrylson

Frank Derrylson was born on October 15, 1959 in Chicago Illinois to Father Parker Derrylson and Mother Shannon Knead. When he was 15 he and his family moved to Niagara Falls New York. He then went to school at Niagara Catholic Diocese Schools. When he was 18 he graduated with honors and went to Niagara University to major in Business and Financial Management. At age 21 he opened Derrylson And Co and helped many business make billions of dollars. He even won multiple awards.

At the age of 25 he financed a project known as the Derrylson Construction Company.


In late March 2004, Frank was diagnosed with stage 2 Thyroid Cancer. He had Chemotherapy treatments for 3 years and in 2008 his cancer had Completely clear scans. His cancer has not returned since.


  • National Education Leader(2009 and 2011)
  • Universal Construction Company Excellence Award
  • Commercial Service Award of 2012

Purchase of the Niagara County Central School District

In late May of 2018, Frank Derrylson purchased the district from the Gerald Frank contract that told the city to not sell the district until a sufficient offer was available. Gerald said that the asking price was 1.3 Billion and Frank purchased the district for 2.0 Billion. As of now the district no longer needs federal grants and has been relieved of purchase loans.

Net Worth

As of July 19, 2018 his net worth is approximately 30 Trillion Dollars.


Frank Derrylson passes away peacefully after laying down for nap. When his daughter Jeanie tried to get him, up he was unresponsive. He suffered a severe brain hemorrage.