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 G.F Niagara:

G.F Niagara is a Niagara County Native who has been living here since he was born. His solidarity with teachers inspired him to open the Niagara County Central School District. He was caring towards all and offered education to anyone who needed it.


G.F Niagara was born in Niagara Falls, New York. He worked on farms until he was 13. He would normally come homework on farms, then later at night get knee deep in his homework.

Early Life:

As a child, G.F Niagara Was always interested in learning about Mathematical Problems, Reading a book about the English Language Arts, and really was inspired in science. He enjoyed the joy in people's eyes as they learned and grew. He saw many people turn away the opportunity of an education beyond comprehension. He decided to change that.


G.F. Niagara went to NCCC for a master degree in early learning development. His professors were a huge inspiration to him and often told him that he should follow his passions. He ended up taking his advice.

Degrees and Awards:

G.F Niagara graduated High School in 1939 with a Ph.D., Masters, Early Learning Development diploma, and a New York State Educational Excellence Certification. He later founded several School Sponsorships and 2 scholarships.


On April 25, 1958, G.F Niagara's Mother got very ill. She told him to never give up the dream to give amazing kids the chance to live to their fullest potential. She died 2 Days after. She was 78.

Upon his mother's death, G.F was determined to carry out her final wish. He set aside some funds he racked up during his School career and college career. Thus the Niagara County Central School District was born.

Post Death

Before his death in 1995, G.F Niagara Promised to make his School forever great. He left his millions for the school district in hopes his school District would not go to the dumps. He left $25.7 Million Dollars to go towards the growth and expansion of his district.


G.F Niagara Died on September 21, 1995. He died of pneumonia that had started to attack his lungs which led to the swelling of his throat which ultimately killed him.

Awards won by G.F Niagara:

Award Of Educational Excellence(Posthumously)

Award for Scholarship Recognition(1972)

Dedication to education(Posthumously)