Background Information

Jesse Bunnell grew up in Lewiston and Niagara Falls New York. He worked for the Lewiston Police Special Forces Division. He also worked for the Swann Road School District. He was also the former Superintendent of the Niagara County Central School District. He taught 1-6th grade. He retired from the Police Department in 2015. He is currently the Chancellor for Rightsworth University.

Superintendent Position

In July 2016, Jesse was elected for the Superintendent position for the Niagara County CSD. He worked as the Superintendent until December 1, 2017 when he was terminated from his contract to become the chancellor of Rightsworth University.

Chancellor Position

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Continuation of Service

As of August 5, 2018 Jesse returned to the Lewiston PD Special Forces Division, and will remain as the Captain. It is expected that he will resign from the chancellor position in June of 2019 to focus on his police career once again.