Background Information

The NYSSDHP/NYSSDSP(Correlated) is plan in which privately owned school district's receive additional money to the district's current health plan and spending plan. Government owned districts can apply for this budgeting plan, if they meet the requirements(Read More Below)

What's The NYSSDHP(SP)?

The New York State School District's Health Plan/Spending Plan is a non-government based program that helps districts who annually spend approximately the same amount in funds and projects which at average would be about $2,500,000 to $3,000,000.


Any district that is privately owned and that has 80% or more being funded through a single source or the district's owner. The district that files bankruptcy will automatically be taken off the list pending review and small chunks of funding provided by NYSSDHP/SP, could be removed from the district's final budget.

District Application Process(Non-Privately Owned District)

In order for a non-privately owned district to apply for this fund, they must place an application online or via the NYSSD official site.