Background Information

The Niagara County Central School District's Superintendent James B. Derrylson, created funded and promoted the construction of the Niagara County Senior High School. The superintendent said that it would better serve the NC community. In total it has over 2,000 individual rooms including the 900 student classrooms, 25 administrative offices, and so many others.

Principal Appointment

At the moment there is currently no appointed principals for the school. The superintendent said that the HS itself will hold 2 principals and 4 assistant principals.

Pre Construction

In April of 2018, [1]The Superintendent of Schools announced that the plans were approved and that construction would start in late May and early June. Construction was expected to take 4 months to complete but was done in 2 months.


Start of Construction-

On June 14, 2018 construction was started at the new site of Niagara County High School. On the first week of construction, the concrete company placed the basement foundation and the first-floor concrete foundation. The main office and main lobby's frame was built.

Basement/Main Floor(Completion)-

During the second week of construction, the basement and main floor were completed with walls and windows.

Classrooms, Main entrance, main lobby, main office-

at the end of the first week of construction of the NCHS, each classroom was laid-out windows were installed.


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