How To Properly Find, Use and Insert References On Our Wikia!

In order to create a new article, and publish it on our Wikia, you should consider double checking that each and every guideline for citing references is followed and completed and that it is has been approved by the Wikia pages administrators.

Citing References:

Where To Look:

  • News Sites
  • Websites
  • News Blogs
  • News Letters
  • Newspaper Articles
  • Biographies
  • And Any Other Reliable Source.

Where NOT To Look:

  • Social Media Sites
  • Affiliated Company Sites
  • 'Sites with no citations like personal opinion sites, sponsored services, family business, etc.'
  • Other unverifiable sites.

Using References:

When using references to make your article more verifiable you should use references from .gov, .edu sites, sites that are frequently viewed, references that are up-to-date, published after the year 2010 and so on.

Where To Insert Your References:

  • When inserting your references via the reference insertion function, make sure that where you want the reference to display is before that paragraph. To see other reference placements, see our

"Special Items/Function Guidelines" section of the help page section.

'Reference Requirements:'

Requirements For Using References:

  • Any user created articles must source at least 4 references. The more references there are, the more likely your article will show up on the Wikia site.
  • A URL must be clickable and verifiable. No Black Text References(BTR) will be tolerated.
  • Each reference source must include at least 1-5 pieces evidence, that can be cross-checked with other sources.