Background Information

Sara- May Flower was appointed the Superintendent position at the Niagara County Central School District in 1980. She served until 1995. She was born on December 12, 1955, in Niagara Falls New York.

Early Life/Career

While growing up, Sara lived a love-filled life with 10 siblings 5 boys and 5 girls. She loved playing with her younger sisters. She told many people about her dream to become an educator. Her parents told her to catch her dreams and to never give up on what your heart wants to do. Before she went to college she lost her Grandma to a drunk driver, who was charged in 5 states with 4 counts of vehicular man-slaughter in prior years. When she graduated she applied for Niagara University and was accepted almost immediately. She majored in general education and to her was a bit of struggle. She never gave up on her ideal life goal to become an educator. She passed at the top of her class and was named the Niagara University Valedictorian. She then went on to study for her PH. D. and with no struggle received it 2 years later.


On February 12, 1978, Sara found out that she had spinal stenosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Doctors soon found that a tumor had formed and continued to grow on the flagellum like structure at the end of the spine. Doctors removed part of the tumor. Gradually, the tumor began to die.

Superintendent Position

On April 15 1980 Sara found out that the Former Superintendent was killed in a car accident. She was called by the district and was asked if she would like the position. MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON!