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Welcome to our community's User Terms of Use page. This page was created to ensure that each and every user knows our community's rules, guidelines, laws of use, article ownership, etc. Please make sure that you read through this article, in order to gain an understanding of our community's guidelines and rules.

User Terms of Use/Rights and Responsibilities Document!

You have reached the User Rights and Terms of Use Document

Title 1: User Rights

  1. Each user is entitled to fair creation rights.
  2. Each Niagara County Central School District Wikia user has the right to a harassment free community free from bullying, discrimination, and injustice.
  3. Each user has the right to move up the Chain of Command Ladder.
  4. Each user has the right to report, delete, and manage any article that does not follow/violate our Article Structure Guidelines and our Article Creation/Edit Do And Do Not's including but not limited to: using inappropriate language, hateful or derogatory slurs, racial slurs, targeting language, jokes, or images.
  5. Each user has the right to ask for Administrative Permissions(Read How To Become An Administrator article)
  6. Each user is entitled to the fair use policy, and CC-BY-SA laws in order to maintain, re-distribute or protect specific
  7. User's have the right to report incidents/articles/users anonymously.
  8. User's are given the right to remove permission's from any person who violates our user terms of policy and who on a regular basis: discriminates due to race, color, sex, political views(Read our Politics/Political Article Guidelines(Title 21: Politics/Political Articles), religion, beliefs, spelling/grammatical errors, etc.
  9. Users have the right to report administrators to the Bureaucrats and/or the Founder(~~~~)

Title 2: Article Ownership/Owning Rights

  1. Article ownership depends on who created the article and who signed the article in the conclusion.
  2. Article ownership can be overruled by the Founder(~~~~) ONLY.
  3. Article owners reserve the right to remove any unnecessary and/or inaccurate information, and protect articles that they own. They also reserve the right to strip under- administrators(See Community Roles/Position Article) if they feel they are not doing their jobs correctly or have been inactive for at least 14 days of being assigned that position.
  4. Owning rights are named by Bureaucrats and/or Administration. The rights are named on the owner of the articles Community Users page and can be stripped and given to the Community's Administration and/or another user of the community.